Thursday, November 11, 2010


I was recently asked to make an ironing board cover for a friend at work. 

She was hoping for pink fabric with frogs, but I couldn't find any I loved



I saw this fabric and knew it was for her! Executive Decision Made!
Des is a cat lover and owner.

Here she is! Desiree saw the fabric and loved it!

I was nervous not having the frogs would be a fatal mistake. 
Can't wait to give it to her tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who's Cookin Now???

I've finished a few projects and sent them on their merry way....


That's right...MY BROTHER MICHAEL!!!
Seriously, don't you know it's dangerous to be silly with your sister around and a camera???
GOIN PUBLIC with this one!!!

sidebar: this apron was given to Becca for her first Thanksgiving as hostess. I guess he couldn't resist! BFF Heather!!! 
Do you remember the MC Hammer PJ pants?!?!
Well she got hew VERY belated birthday surprise! 

I just ~LOVE~ getting these pics!
 Glad you like em!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snug Like a Bug in a Rug

For Tim's birthday this year, he is getting a new baby!
(Heather is loving this....haha)

His name is "Capi" which is short for Copernicus. 
Capi is wearing a blue collar in the video.

Capi comes home next Sunday from West Palm Beach. 
I think you'll agree that he's a handsome Tonkinese. 
The Tonkinese breed is a mix between a Burmese and Siamese. 
They're known for their mellow and loving disposition.

As you can imagine, Tim is ECSTATIC!  

I decided instead of spending $20 + dollars for a kitty bed, I would make one!

A little "welcome home Capi" gift

For <$10, Capi has a precious new bed to keep snug in.
I hope he likes it. 

If you find yourself asking, "Why is there a package of dog treats in this pic (kinda like Tim just did haha)???", it's because I was trying to show how he'll be able to snuggle into the bed. I didn't really have anything to show and have these ADORABLE dog treats and thought...."Why not!?"

I chose a fabric which would match his colors. He has bright blue eyes with light brown fur and hints of chocolate.

Can't wait to meet our new addition to the Reiner Casa!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Blessings & Hope in 2010

What brings you Blessings & Hope?

Think back over the 2010 year...
Did something in your life work out which you did not expect?
Did you receive a note of encouragement & hope in the most perfect time?
Did you find yourself in the midst of a storm only to find the storm to really be a blessing?

They say perspective makes all the difference...

For me, it is Sabbath
I decided since it really is in the 40's here in Florida a fire to begin the Sabbath with would be nice.
Quiet home.
The week in the past.
A good book begging to be read.
This year as Thanksgiving approaches, reflect on the year.
Seek out what brought blessings & hope.
In consideration for the coming year, how could you bring hope to others?
In what way could God use you to be a blessing to someone else?

Awe Inspiring:

"Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty,
suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it."
"Well, why don't you ask Him?"
"Because I'm afraid He would ask me the same question."
(from the book: The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Napkin Please!

It's time to reveal my plans for the Thanksgiving fabric!
It's true...I'm kinda excited about it!!!

Please pardon my poor photographix....I don't have skillz! haha!

But yep...NAPKINS!!!

WAIT.....there's more.....
I added a little "Fler" to your basic mitered corner napkin.

~ embroidery ~

I have never used any of my embroidery stitches but thought it's about time I try. I really like this!

I bought some of that really cool thread where it's varying shades of green in ONE SPOOL!!!
I think it added a fun bit of "Fler"

I will post more examples of my Thanksgiving napkins as I experiment and all the materials you'll need for basic embroidering.

This machine is MAD FUN!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Thanks

Today I came home feeling less than 

Those who know me best know I can find sunshine in a thunderstorm

Today, I had a hard time finding

I needed to spend some time with Zsa Zsa 

Then I remembered my fabric for a Thanksgiving project.

I decided to pull out the fabric and think of as much I could think of which I am thankful for.

~God's Grace, Strength, Steadfast Heart, & Forgiveness~
~Our Pets: Chloe, Hailey & soon Copernicus (aka Capi)~
~Fresh Water~
~Fresh Food~
~Clean Clothes~
~A Heart that Beats Strong and Loves Much~

I found ~my sunshine~ tonight....

Now can you guess what I might have in store for this fabric???

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hammer Time...The Remix

So I did a little Remix from this morning's DISASTER....

I love the fabric intended to be PJ's so I decided to give it a new life

Step One: I selected a few of my favorite movements in the fabric
Step Two: Moved em around a bit till I found the design I liked
Step Three: Pin those babies in place!

Step Four: Sew in place. I like to use a contrasting thread color sometimes. Today, I chose to use ORANGE for this apron. Also, don't get hung up on whether you stitches go perfectly along the edge...I started to panic because I couldn't get it perfect, but then I realized it looks better a little edgy.

And then you are done! What do you think?
I really like this new apron style with the ties which wrap around the front! I won't lie...I kinda love this one.

But guess what??? That's's going on a road trip to hopefully bring a smile. Bye! Bye!

Moral of Today's Stories? Don't let a train wreck project ruin your day! Remix your creativity!

Uncle! Uncle!

Uncle! Uncle!


I really have no choice to be honest...These "PJ's" are officially unfit to wear. 

Unless you consider half your butt crack attractive (due to modesty's sake, I will not be showing this feature) and your thighs feeling like they are being squished in a Panini press.

Back to drawing board...
I mean really??? 
I thought these would be SOOOO easy! 

Sorry's going to have to be an apron....

Hammer Time!!!

Lets take a walk down "WORST SONGS EVER" memory lane; shall we? 

So if you've been following my blog, you know I've been battling a pair of pj's  (if you've forgotten, just follow the "pj's" link) 

Today I woke with fresh energy and inspiration to finish the pj's for a bestie's birthday gift which I am about 1 month past due!!!

I was cruising right along and finished the casing...

I put them on to give em a whirl


AND so I ask you...What song does this picture remind you of????

A dreaded MC Hammer song....

I  have to admit, I'm caught somewhere between unstoppable laughter and SHEER madness &  frustration, BUT I think I have a solution.

...and I guess I should mention a bright side...the pj's fit great otherwise!

Stay tuned.......

Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, Well, Well

And this is why I have fallen in love with sewing.....

Taryn's face says it all!

Last night I received four ADORABLE, and I mean CUUUUUTE pics and two INSANELY FAB movies from my cousin Ryan {if you haven't guessed, is Taryn's pops}.

Insert Ryan...
{left to right: Tim (aka husbando), fler, RYAN, and my brother Michael}

Ryan happens to be Aunt Drin's son....Remember Aunt Drin??? My amazing Aunt who can sew virtually anything.

So grab a few kernels of popcorn and be prepared to watch something cute!

Part 1: "Well, Well, Well"

Part 2: Hippo Song

I mean, what more is there to say after that???

The pure joy giving brings to my family and friends....

One of the main reasons I sew!

Taryn, Cuz Erika Loves You!

Oh...and P.S. 
Doesn't Taryn look like my friend Kera's daughter Emery???
In fact, Tim thought at first the photos were Em!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cookin 'N' Style

Today at lunch I went surfing...
Not ocean surfing, but Blog surfing.
I was completely in awe and ready to play!
Tonight...I went to work

I had these ties from a gift given to me from Anthropologie which had all these FAB buttons on them. 

I saved them because I knew they may come in handy with a little imagination while sewing a new project.

I have had this fabric for a while from WhipStitch which I TOTALLY love!

I needed some "Flair/Fler" with my project and then I remembered...


I attached them to the bottom of my project and ultimately left the edges floating and just sewed the buttons to my project.

Any guesses of what I am making???

Those of you who know me best probably have already figured it out....

But lets see how it all turned out!

I really love this one, but alas, it's about to take a trip....
{compliments to my patient husbando for taking MANY pics because I kept wanting something different than what he was taking...Love you Babe!}

Why does it look like I'm stabbing my bowl with a spoontula???

A little up close and personal!
Can't wait to hear how this little something fun is received!!!

Swing over to Kara's Blog @ Look What I Made for more fun ideas!

Mailbox Excitement!

Tim and I just got home from Washington DC.

We saw family and friends, enjoyed AMAZING food, and indulged in all the sites the city had to offer. Had a GREAT time!

When I got home a package had a arrived from Texas.

Aunt Drinda sent me a MINI QUILTS book!!! 
I've blogged about Aunt Drin entire life I've watched her talent. She is probably the most influential person in my life who has planted the sewing seed in me.

If you look close behind the cute book, you will notice a quilt. She made this quilt for Tim and I as a wedding present. The stitching is like the ocean because she knows we LOVE the coast and surfing. The pattern has flamingos...long story but a family joke. This quilt from Aunt Drin is BY FAR our favorite and each evening you'll find one of us snuggied down in it on the couch!

This is a picture of my mom and her sisters (left to right: mom, Aunt Drin, Aunt Trish).

These three women are creative, inspiring, fun loving, and gorgeous sparkles in my life!!!

Aunt Drin, I'll make you proud with this book...though I'm a little intimidated! I'll have to start small but I'll blog as I go to keep you posted!!


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crafting with the Stars!

There is this really great competition going on right now over @ Sew Dang Cute.

They are finding expensive items from Anthropologie et al and making them for UNDER $50!!!

Check out this adorable lamp below from Anthro for $198 and see how the stars have created same thing for less on the link above!

Heather and Ash...I see you competing in something like this! You're creative and have great ideas!

You can also access Crafting with the Stars via button on side of blog.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teagan's Crayon Party

I received this email from my cuz, Jason, a few days ago.
I just couldn't resist to post the story because I get soooo many laughs out of it (aside from some "pearls of parenting wisdom").

I certainly hope he doesn't mind.
If you remember a few posts back I featured the crayon roll with green ties.

Here's the story to Teagan opening his SURPRISE......

So mom delivered your awesome package for teagan last night.  I snapped a few pics with my phone
He loved it.  but in a moment of parenting brilliance I gave it to him right before bedtime.  So after he played a few mins I told him it was time to go to be he went into his melancholy pouting routine which escalated into a display of facedown - the world is a horrible place – pouting (quite funny actually).  It’s usually easily avoidable with a quick distraction or better planning.  However he totally loves it and was so amazed by the crayon pockets he didn’t notice the ark till becki pointed it out which is when he then jumped to his feet pointing and began jabbering about the animals and the ark.  He’s becoming quite an artist (which I’m sure all parents say) at his easel.  He’ll color away for an hour easily, which is a long, long, long time for him to be doing anything. 

Thanks so much cousin!  When are you going to open an etsy store?

jason wightman

MANY Crayons

No Bedtime


The Ark!


Love you Cuz! So happy Teagan loves his surprise!!!
Can't wait to see his masterpieces!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Project BUMway

I got the cutest texts today at work.......

Baby "G" (aka Gabrielle) had received her Bum Covers.

Tutorial @ made

Presenting Baby G
 Project BUMway Modeling

Baby G makes these Bum Covers look sooooo INSANELY cute! 

Look at her cute little bum!!! 

She is so beautiful! Have you seen her parents????

It all makes PERFECT sense how Baby G got to be a model now doesn't it???

Albert and Christina Romero are two very beautiful people on the inside and out!

XOXO from The Reiners to The Romeros!

So excited they fit! 

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: Pardon me, boys, is that the new Jo-Ann store?

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores: Pardon me, boys, is that the new Jo-Ann store?

Kera, This one's for you!!!!! Are you so excited!!!??? Joann's coming your way this weekend!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Girlie Version of the Crayon Roll

 I just finished the girlie version of the Crayon Roll.

She's all loaded up with pretty colors and ready for the Post Office!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Noah has a Surprise!

I finished the Crayon Rolls today

And then I started playing with my real camera and not my cell phone's just a basic little point and shoot, nothing fancy, but still a bit of fun!

CONFESSION: I've been really lazy lately...basically 99.9% of the previous photos are from my cell phone
I know. I know.

What could be inside this mysterious roll?


A crayon or two!

A little Church fun
Made just for you!

Hey....I just wrote a poem!!!

 Fun creativity for for the kids.
Quiet and Obedient kids for the mom!

Check out Teagan's Crayon Party Blog on here to see how this roll was received!!! HILARIOUS story actually!

I think you could also use buttons or velcro for closures if you wanted to try something else. 

Now, if you really want to get inspired jump over to Look What I Made @ Kara's for some links to other F.U.N. projects! Talent GALORE!


He Loves His Belle

Tim loves his Belle.

There is this sweet connection Tim has with Belle. They adore each other. He has loved her since the day she was born (as he has also loved Anakin). I think us girls have different relationships with our special Uncles...almost like a father figure. 

This year, Belle turns 8.

Tim and I wanted to do something special for her. We learned that she is enjoying painting. So we knew we needed to do something painting related. 

I remembered this cute children's art apron in one of the sewing books I recently received for my birthday.

Then it hit me and Tim loved the idea.

We decided to make her an apron to use when she paints complete with slots to hold her brushes and a large pocket to use for whatever she wants.
 I found this cute pink print with "gittles". Belle called cats gittles when she was little and pink is one of her favorite colors. You should see her super cute bedroom!
Last Saturday night we surprised her with her apron stuffed with paintbrushes and a side of acrylic paints. She gave us the biggest hugs! She is soooo sweet!!!
 Later that night, Ashley said she came out with her apron on.
Warms my heart!
This was a fun project and really could be modified quite easily. Hopefully it will keep a few colors from splashing on Belles cute clothes!
Happy Birthday Belle!
Jungle-Tim and I love you!!!