Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Napkin Please!

It's time to reveal my plans for the Thanksgiving fabric!
It's true...I'm kinda excited about it!!!

Please pardon my poor photographix....I don't have skillz! haha!

But yep...NAPKINS!!!

WAIT.....there's more.....
I added a little "Fler" to your basic mitered corner napkin.

~ embroidery ~

I have never used any of my embroidery stitches but thought it's about time I try. I really like this!

I bought some of that really cool thread where it's varying shades of green in ONE SPOOL!!!
I think it added a fun bit of "Fler"

I will post more examples of my Thanksgiving napkins as I experiment and all the materials you'll need for basic embroidering.

This machine is MAD FUN!!!

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