Monday, November 1, 2010

Give Thanks

Today I came home feeling less than 

Those who know me best know I can find sunshine in a thunderstorm

Today, I had a hard time finding

I needed to spend some time with Zsa Zsa 

Then I remembered my fabric for a Thanksgiving project.

I decided to pull out the fabric and think of as much I could think of which I am thankful for.

~God's Grace, Strength, Steadfast Heart, & Forgiveness~
~Our Pets: Chloe, Hailey & soon Copernicus (aka Capi)~
~Fresh Water~
~Fresh Food~
~Clean Clothes~
~A Heart that Beats Strong and Loves Much~

I found ~my sunshine~ tonight....

Now can you guess what I might have in store for this fabric???


  1. you NEVER cease to amaze me with your will to rise above!! love you lady and i am SOOOOO very thankful to have you in my life! now what's on the menu for that beautiful fall fabric?

  2. Thanks you tons bub!!! No sense in crying or letting things out of control wear me down.

    As for what this fabric will be......
    Stay tuned!