Saturday, November 6, 2010

Snug Like a Bug in a Rug

For Tim's birthday this year, he is getting a new baby!
(Heather is loving this....haha)

His name is "Capi" which is short for Copernicus. 
Capi is wearing a blue collar in the video.

Capi comes home next Sunday from West Palm Beach. 
I think you'll agree that he's a handsome Tonkinese. 
The Tonkinese breed is a mix between a Burmese and Siamese. 
They're known for their mellow and loving disposition.

As you can imagine, Tim is ECSTATIC!  

I decided instead of spending $20 + dollars for a kitty bed, I would make one!

A little "welcome home Capi" gift

For <$10, Capi has a precious new bed to keep snug in.
I hope he likes it. 

If you find yourself asking, "Why is there a package of dog treats in this pic (kinda like Tim just did haha)???", it's because I was trying to show how he'll be able to snuggle into the bed. I didn't really have anything to show and have these ADORABLE dog treats and thought...."Why not!?"

I chose a fabric which would match his colors. He has bright blue eyes with light brown fur and hints of chocolate.

Can't wait to meet our new addition to the Reiner Casa!


  1. We can't wait to meet Capi!!! :) Love his little cushion for his "tush"ion!!!

  2. "...for his TUSHION"!!! That is hilarious!!! I mean...hilarious!!!