Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cookin 'N' Style

Today at lunch I went surfing...
Not ocean surfing, but Blog surfing.
I was completely in awe and ready to play!
Tonight...I went to work

I had these ties from a gift given to me from Anthropologie which had all these FAB buttons on them. 

I saved them because I knew they may come in handy with a little imagination while sewing a new project.

I have had this fabric for a while from WhipStitch which I TOTALLY love!

I needed some "Flair/Fler" with my project and then I remembered...


I attached them to the bottom of my project and ultimately left the edges floating and just sewed the buttons to my project.

Any guesses of what I am making???

Those of you who know me best probably have already figured it out....

But lets see how it all turned out!

I really love this one, but alas, it's about to take a trip....
{compliments to my patient husbando for taking MANY pics because I kept wanting something different than what he was taking...Love you Babe!}

Why does it look like I'm stabbing my bowl with a spoontula???

A little up close and personal!
Can't wait to hear how this little something fun is received!!!

Swing over to Kara's Blog @ Look What I Made for more fun ideas!


  1. i LOVE everything about this!! the fabric, buttons, and your cute matching spoon and bowl! very creative!!

  2. Awe thanks Kera!!! I had a blast with this one! Honestly, all the amazing women and their creative ideas out here in blog world have really inspired me. I'm trying to keep creative juices flowing...sometimes hards with working full time and being tired after work.

    Trying to find my inner artist I guess!!! haha!

  3. That is as cute as can be! I love the buttons and your color choices.

  4. Hi Aunt Millie!
    What a sweet post! Thank you so much for the comment. I am a beginner at sewing (began in August) and have just fallen in love with the art. So much to learn, but having a blast!