Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who's Cookin Now???

I've finished a few projects and sent them on their merry way....


That's right...MY BROTHER MICHAEL!!!
Seriously, don't you know it's dangerous to be silly with your sister around and a camera???
GOIN PUBLIC with this one!!!

sidebar: this apron was given to Becca for her first Thanksgiving as hostess. I guess he couldn't resist! 

And..............my BFF Heather!!! 
Do you remember the MC Hammer PJ pants?!?!
Well she got hew VERY belated birthday surprise! 

I just ~LOVE~ getting these pics!
 Glad you like em!


  1. I'm telling you how much I LOVE that everyone is sending you pics of the things you've made them and then HELLLOOOOO where is my picture to you??!! On the "to do" list! So seriously that pic of MD needs to be blown up and framed!! HILAR!!! And that shirt he's wearing makes it all the better.....it looks like he got ta ta's!

  2. HAHAHA!!! This pic of Michael is a side splitter for sure! I hadn't thought of the shirt that way because I know what it is. but FOR REAL...ta ta's!!!

    I think the best part of making things is purely the JOY I get of seeing this photos!

    And, ya......WHERE IS YOURS???!!! HEHE

  3. Umm... that picture of Michael is photoshoped. I HAVE PROOF!!!!

    So not real.

  4. Good one Michael!!!

    I appreciate your enthusiasm to defend yourself though. hahaha!!!