Friday, October 29, 2010

Well, Well, Well

And this is why I have fallen in love with sewing.....

Taryn's face says it all!

Last night I received four ADORABLE, and I mean CUUUUUTE pics and two INSANELY FAB movies from my cousin Ryan {if you haven't guessed, is Taryn's pops}.

Insert Ryan...
{left to right: Tim (aka husbando), fler, RYAN, and my brother Michael}

Ryan happens to be Aunt Drin's son....Remember Aunt Drin??? My amazing Aunt who can sew virtually anything.

So grab a few kernels of popcorn and be prepared to watch something cute!

Part 1: "Well, Well, Well"

Part 2: Hippo Song

I mean, what more is there to say after that???

The pure joy giving brings to my family and friends....

One of the main reasons I sew!

Taryn, Cuz Erika Loves You!

Oh...and P.S. 
Doesn't Taryn look like my friend Kera's daughter Emery???
In fact, Tim thought at first the photos were Em!!!


  1. that sweet little thing!! her tiny voice is soooo cute! ware aw my cwayons while looking under her shirt!!! very cute fler and how fun that your fam is sending you pics and videos!

  2. Oh Kera,
    Did you hear her in the first one when unraveling the crayon roll saying, "well, well, well". SOOO CUTE!!! Oh man, she's adorable!!! I love that they are sharing the experience because it just melts me!

  3. OMG, love her voice!!!! SO CUTE! And yes, I totally thought (for a sec) that the first pic was Em too!! They do look alot alike.

  4. Thanks Cuz! I loved getting the pics and video from you and Ryan!! So sweet!

    Heather, Isn't her voice cute??? I love when she says, "well well well". I think she might have a little southern TX accent, but not sure just yet. When you look at her, she does resemble Em. That blonde hair is to die for! Mom says she looks like Aunt Drin when she was little...bright blonde hair! I pay big bucks for that these days!!!