Monday, July 4, 2011

Babies Need Bling Too!

My cuz just had a little girl and since they didn't know Hadley's gender till she was born, they don't have much "girlie" stuff.


I've been D.Y.I.N.G. to try my new Silhouette Rhinestone kit

My very first project was A BLAST!!!
I grabbed some prewashed plain white onesies and an old grey t-shirt I no longer wear. 
I cut the bottom seam off my t-shirt and then cute 1 inch strips. "Fler, why would you do that?!?!?", you ask. Well, you'll see!
I cut each side seam off. When done I had 4 strips total. 
Next, I found this super cute template in my Silhouette Studio. Perfect baby girlie BLING!!! I used my rhinestone heat transfer kit. I'm not sure how long this will last after washes, but should some fall off...easy fix anyway. 
OH HOW I LOVE HOW THIS TURNED OUT!!! The baby elephant's body color is pink and she has a clear rhinestone eye. SOOOO CUTE!!!

Remember those strips?!?!
Well, set your sewing machine straight stitch to the widest stitch and make some ruffles. The really nice thing about t-shirt material is that it doesn't really fray so you don't have to hem or anything...EASY!!!
Now that you have ruffles, I pinned them to the bum of my baby pink elephant onesie and put my straight stitch back to normal stitch length and sewed the ruffles in place. 
I wonder if our bub will be a little girl from Ethiopia??? I'm totally making her some of these. 
I couldn't stop there. I had this insanely cute birdie image I've been wanting to use so I figured Hadley needed a cute birdie onesie too!
And of course.......A RUFFLED BUM!
Oh I love it!

Off to the Fed Ex drop box so Little Miss Hadley can have some girlie clothes!


Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chevron tRe Plate

I have this kitchen nook where our table is and it has this amazing wall behind it.
 I have been slowing trying to make this space cohesive and fun. It's been difficult because we're about to remodel the whole space so we've completely NOT decorated at all in the kitchen and family room. UGH!!!

But, we did a little decorating where the table is (I'll post pics once we complete the space).

Where did I get the idea for the Chevron Monogrammed plate?

I used my Silouette to make the chevrons and monogram.

The Chevrons were made of Vinyl and the Monogram was made of thick Cardstock.

To seal the chevrons and monogram to the plate I used Mod Podge. It's kinda like Elmers glue but thinner consistency. The sponge brush worked PERFECT for application.
I used a $2 white plate from IKEA. I made sure it was clean before applying the chevrons. I didn't do any fancy measurements and just eyeballed the spacing. I see my imperfections, but once it's don't really notice. 

Apply a thin layer of your Mod Podge just like Taylor Made says. She didn't apply the Mod Podge on rim of plate, but I went ahead and did.

Lay your Monogram on top of the thin layer. I used a toothpick to make sure the letters were placed right and all the way down onto the plate.

Add another layer of Mod Podge on top of the letters. This time I only added the second layer to center of the plate and not on the rims.

Here you have it! A fancy Chevron "TRE" Monogrammed Plate!!! Even the hubs thinks it's cool...SCORE!
Seriously....20 minute project!!! EASY PEASEY!!! 

Once the space is complete, you'll see what I plan to do with this little treasure!