Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How does the saying go?

They dance with "two left feet"???

Well, in my case, I made two left legs.

That's right.

I posted at 7:18 pm about my nervousness/intimidation.

I went back to the PJ's....

I am now posting at 7:35 pm....ALREADY
...I have made a mistake which will require me to run back to Joann's and find a RIGHT leg. 


Well, at least both left legs match...LOL

Intimidation by Fabric and Thread

As I am sure you noticed, there's been a theme in the projects I've been doing.
I had a clear plan of what to start next.
I had a birthday a week ago and a dear friend got me this super cute book! While flipping excitedly through all the pages to see what projects I could get my hands on, I was asked to stop. We landed on pages with instructions for these insanely cute capri PJ's. 

Which was then followed with, "Fler, this is what I want you to make me!" 
I couldn't say no. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing happiness on someone else's face. off to Joann's I went to get everything I would need. 

I bet McCalls hasn't changed their drawings on the front of their patterns in decades.

The pattern called for grosgrain ribbon....G-wha??? WELL, that is the kind of ribbon that's ribbed. The same lady cut my fabric choices and kindly reminded me of classes offered which just so happened to also be on PJ making. Did I look that bad??? Probably so...I did ask a ton of questions. 

SOOOO...I won't lie, I am pretty nervous about this project and have put it off until this evening.

What if they don't fit?
What if I can't figure out the instructions?
What if they look like a disaster so much so that she doesn't want to wear them and they become the perfect dusting cloth?
What if I fail?
What needle do I use with flannel???

I guess we'll see. I really hope they turn out cute or at least remotely cute. 

The journey begins....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breezy Books

As you know I've been learning to sew, but I also need some additional education and project ideas.

I bought the book "Stitch by Stitch" and LOVE IT! This book is a really great way to learn the history of sewing and what all the sewing language words mean. I also found out the author is the owner of WhipStitch Fabrics...VERY COOL! Deborah Moebes really takes the intimidation out of sewing and makes it fun to learn.

The other three books I am going to show are FUN and I mean SUPER FUN books I was given, by family and friends, for my birthday. No need to say what year I'm on, BUT these books are so great!!!

Check some of these out for inspiration and education!!! 
You'll be glad you did

To Bias or Not to Bias....

That is the Question!

I wanted to try both versions of the bum covers to learn and feel the differences. First, bias tape is FAR easier than it sounds like. The bum covers without the bias tape, I felt, are more difficult. I think mainly because my OCD wanted the elastic sections to be perfect. The reality is, they won't be. If you read down through Dana's tutorial...even she admits they won't be perfect. I had a hard time leaving them less than perfect, but when it was all said and done...they turned out KOOOOOT (as Steph would say)!

The girly ones are for 0-3 mos and the insanely cute owls are for a boy 6-12 mos. 

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bum Covers

Baby's bums are cute, but what about those diapers?

Well, I've been following a blog (Dana Made It...note link on side of blog) and reading a few books. I want to keep learning new things with new projects for a beginner. Not sure if you noticed, but between aprons, I've been picking something new. 

This afternoon, while Sunday football devoured Tim, Shirley and I spent some time together. 

Diaper we come! No....we're not preggo, but have family and friends who have little bubs who might like a chic bum cover!

For the tutorial and pattern..go to made 

Find some may not even need a 1/2 yard.
How cute is this mod jungle pattern???

You'll need some bias tape if you chose a little snazzy look (make sure to get the double fold...oops, I had to make an extra trip)

You'll need elastic

Remember: Follow her instructions, but here's how mine looked as I went through her tutorial.

Um, yea, bias...super fun to use and surprisingly easy! I won't lie...I was intimidated!

Both legs done and just need some elastic to squeeze those cute little legs! The pins are to mark the opening (you'll know what I mean when you follow Dana's tutorial).

Ta-da!!! All done! So fun! Now, your baby's bum will be soooo on trend and chic!

 Now...will it actually fit???? YIKES!

Friday, September 10, 2010

What Football Does to Me....

Alas, football season is upon us.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good Sunday game but do I like a Monday, Thursday and every other day game??? Well....not really.

Thankfully Shirley has plenty of fun projects to teach me while Tim is mesmerized by athletes in spandex and helmets. I really had a great time with this one! I made some modifications of my own (muslin lining & antique trim at the bottom), but mainly the pattern again from the fabulous book, One-Yard Wonders.
Here's this week's lesson:

P.S. it was a long week...ignore my mousey/tired self.

Leave Your Mark

I've been having a blast falling in love with sewing! If you read my earlier posts you know I tried working without a pattern. Doing so meant I had to make a pattern on my fabric so I knew where to cut.

Shopping time! 

I went to Joann's because I knew I needed a marker, pencil, chalk or SOMETHING! Chalk...yes, I learned chalk (washes out nicely). Marker? Really? What was I thinking???

Anyway, I found this totally FAB chalk pencil-ish contraption and it came with all sorts of colors of chalk. Proudly I took it to the register. $12...well that is not bad at all. 

the lady at the register, who'd clearly been sewing for years, told me of a really CHEAP trick!

Have you often fought with that last itsy bit of soap bar??? You try to wet it and smash onto the new bar hoping it will stick and it just breaks! Then you fight with smaller pieces, and, well, at this point it just lays on bottom of shower till it dissolves.

Well NO MORE...use it to Leave Your Mark!!!

and the best part....soap washes out!!!! 

So next time you're at the end of your soap rope.....


Monday, September 6, 2010

New Digs for the Ironing Board

I recently scoped out a few books for inspiration and guidance. 
One book I stumbled upon is called, "One-Yard Wonders". I fell in love and brought it home.

Yesterday morning I was turning the pages and found a tutorial for recovering an ironing board. If you know Tim, you know how much he sincerely loves to iron. So much so his dress shirts do not go to the dry cleaners because he is not a fan of starch and likes his creases better. I think he's cute with his ironing!

Anyway, here's where Tim's magical ironing happens:

As you can's pretty vanilla and kinda stained. When he saw the tutorial in the book, he put in his request. Surprisingly easy, quick, and lots of fun.
Cute little cord locks!
Voila! New digs for the ironing board!!! Tim just came in from yard work and said he loves his new covering! So no need to go buy a cover, find a scrap piece of fabric, some cording, cord locks and make your own!

Truth be told...I didn't have cording, cord locks or enough fabric and nor was what I have "manly" I had to make a quick trip to Joann's. TIP: don't buy a package of cording, buy it by the yard...saves a few $$$. 

Friday, September 3, 2010

No Pattern...No Problem....or So I Thought

So I decided to take a joy ride in apron creation. I chose not to use a pattern. I figured, "The stitches are about the same and I'm doing alright so far. How hard could it be???" Well, lets just say...thank goodness for seam rippers and a whole bunch of patience!!! This was NOT easy for me at all. Measurements, alignment, hems....oh my goodness!

I learned a lot...mainly to take a break when I'm getting too frustrated at my imperfections. I actually took a couple days away from Shirley and the apron. 

This morning, I decided it was time to finish what I started and I'm thrilled to see it done! I think it turned out pretty cute with mistakes and all. Now, lets just hope it doesn't fall apart! That wouldn't be too funny.....

Here she is......

...and a precious little pocket with...
jewels...OF COURSE!