Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dino's, Whales and Hootsies

Our cousin (actually Tim's technically), Angel, is having a little boy. She and Dan are such a wonderful couple. I KNOW their little bub is going to be adorable and such a blessing. Their baby really is a miracle as Angel had some medical challenges in her early 20's that may have kept her from being able to conceive, but AS ALWAYS, God is sooo good. 

I couldn't resist getting straight to work to surprise them. 

A few posts ago I shared how I made his owl HERE.

He's not a big owl, but just the right size for a little bub to love on. 

All little ones need some kind of FAB bum cover so I made him this cute Dinosaur diaper cover. I think this design might be my favorite. Tim said this morning the dino style is his FAV too. 
You can go to one of my posts HERE to see what they look like on AND if you wanna know how to make these adorable somethings, swing OVER HERE.

My girls said the single most important thing to have enough of, aside from diapers, are onesies. 
Well, we can't just have any ol' onesies RIGHT!?!? I'm totally into the whole whale thing for bubs these days so I used my new Silhouette to create his one-of-a-kind onesie. This was my first time decorating one, so it's not SUUUPER fancy or hard, but lots of fun.
First, I picked out some fabric I already had. I love this simple navy polk-a-dotted fabric. Second, I found   a precious baby whale template in the silhouette store:


If you have a silhouette and look this template up, you'll see I ungrouped the images so I just had a basic outline. I was a little intimidated to get too advanced with my first onesie project. I used the sewable fabric interfacing just like my owl and ironed Mr. Whale on.

I picked out some bright yellow thread and zigzag stitched on the perimeter of Mr. Whale. In person, it's a super cute color pop. 

Introducing Mr. Whale!!!
I am thinking of embroidering "Mr. Whale" below the image in yellow. Wouldn't that be cute!? I haven't  used the letters on my sewing machine, affectionately named Zsa Zsa, before. We'll see how brave I get this weekend.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fancy Shoes and Pretty Jewels!!!

I got this book a LOOONG time ago when I first saw this AMAZING post at

When I saw her post I immediately thought of some little bubs in Chattanooga!
I IMMEDIATELY ordered the book (one for each house AND myself...hehe).

I used her tutorial, fabric interfacing and my Silhouette to create some fun somethings for my bubs!
Ok...why is this picture side ways???? Hmmm...
Ohhh...pretty heels and jewels!!! FUN!
Again....rotated...geeesh!!! Still....LOVE these different styles! essential part of fancy shoes!
You can't really tell, but this is a purple and grey striped shirt for leggings.
Love me some orange next to purple!
I hope my bub agrees!

Is she cute or what with her ADORABLE pup!?!?

Finally!!! All three complete and ready to make some fun surprises via snail mail!!!

I am sending a slight different surprise for my 4th bub since she's older. 

So it took me about um....4-5 months to get this project complete, BUT excited about the final result.
Can't wait to hear what they think!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lets Try This Again.......

So, I just wasn't LOVING the pillow cover's fabric pattern in our space. 
Remember my blog post Over Here about Becca and making pillow covers?
I kept thinking about how great it looked in Michael and Becca's and not-so-much in our house.

I ran over to one of my FAV online fabric shops;

I found some fantastic Home Decor fabric on sale!

Back (You can see how it folds over and holds your pillow in)
Ahhh....YES this is going to work much better!
What pattern did I use???

Swing over to Vintage Revivals to see. 

How do you think it looks on our couch? 
We will be redecorating our family room and kitchen soon. We're thinking this color scheme will go with what our plans are...if not, I'll make some new ones!!!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

A couple weeks ago I received my NEW SILHOUETTE SD!!!

Ok, I have been too afraid to try it. I have seen all these super cool projects where they used a Silhouette. 
We have some preggo's in our family so I thought I would begin making some gifts. 

After deciding on starting with "The Fabric Owl Tutorial", I started searching my fabric and button stashs for options.

After playing around with my new Silhouette, meet Mr. Hoot!!! He still needs his stuffing. He's feeling a  little flat here.

(p.s. DO NOT forget to take the interfacing paper lining OFF before passing your cutting mat through!!! Amateur Mistake)


He has a few imperfections, but I think I like him that way. I am in love with my new toy! 

Stay tuned for more projects!