Thursday, October 7, 2010

He Loves His Belle

Tim loves his Belle.

There is this sweet connection Tim has with Belle. They adore each other. He has loved her since the day she was born (as he has also loved Anakin). I think us girls have different relationships with our special Uncles...almost like a father figure. 

This year, Belle turns 8.

Tim and I wanted to do something special for her. We learned that she is enjoying painting. So we knew we needed to do something painting related. 

I remembered this cute children's art apron in one of the sewing books I recently received for my birthday.

Then it hit me and Tim loved the idea.

We decided to make her an apron to use when she paints complete with slots to hold her brushes and a large pocket to use for whatever she wants.
 I found this cute pink print with "gittles". Belle called cats gittles when she was little and pink is one of her favorite colors. You should see her super cute bedroom!
Last Saturday night we surprised her with her apron stuffed with paintbrushes and a side of acrylic paints. She gave us the biggest hugs! She is soooo sweet!!!
 Later that night, Ashley said she came out with her apron on.
Warms my heart!
This was a fun project and really could be modified quite easily. Hopefully it will keep a few colors from splashing on Belles cute clothes!
Happy Birthday Belle!
Jungle-Tim and I love you!!!


  1. You are precious and you are right she loves her Uncle Tim & Auntie Erika!!! Thank you for being so amazing with our babies and loving them! They are blessed with such an amazing Uncle & Auntie! We love you guys and Belle LOVES LOVES LOVES her apron! :)

  2. Such a sweet guys are soooo good to your "nieces and nephews"!! And that apron is perfect! She's gonna be able to use it for more than just painting too!