What Does Fler Mean???

(From left to right 2006: Flan, Rosie "Rosella", Kera, Heather "H", and me Erika/fler)

Recently people have asked, "What does fler mean?". They will pronounce my nickname as "fleeerrr". The nickname comes from adding "FL" to the front of my name, Flerika. So, if you shorten it, you get "Fler" (pronounced: flair). 

(From left to right 2010: Kera, Flan, Steph "Foxy", and Heather "H")

How did I get the nickname? When we were in college, five girls lived in a cozy townhouse on Jenkins Rd. in Chattanooga, TN. One day, our friend James, out of no where named me "Flerika", Kristi "Flan" and Tressa "Flecka". We thought it was roaringly funny at the time in a way only James could make us laugh. Our names have stuck since.

We've had various versions over the years: Flerzy, Flanahan, and Flecka-lecka-hineyho. 

Though years pass and geographical distance grows, true friendship does not notice...we still call, email, laugh, plan trips and keep in touch regularly. I am blessed beyond measure.

Cheers, the rest is history....