Sunday, October 31, 2010

Uncle! Uncle!

Uncle! Uncle!


I really have no choice to be honest...These "PJ's" are officially unfit to wear. 

Unless you consider half your butt crack attractive (due to modesty's sake, I will not be showing this feature) and your thighs feeling like they are being squished in a Panini press.

Back to drawing board...
I mean really??? 
I thought these would be SOOOO easy! 

Sorry's going to have to be an apron....


  1. poor thing!! I'm sorry they have given you such a hard time. Please don't worry about it!! Stop fussing over them......I would LOVE an apron just as much and will wear it with great pride.

  2. I have to admit looking back....HILARIOUS! I mean, oh bless! You really need to see these on in would DIE!

  3. ok maybe you just took a really good pic cause these don't look 1/2 bad on you...really. seriously. but hey were talkin' about the fler bod, not sure if there is anything that looks bad on you.