Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hammer Time...The Remix

So I did a little Remix from this morning's DISASTER....

I love the fabric intended to be PJ's so I decided to give it a new life

Step One: I selected a few of my favorite movements in the fabric
Step Two: Moved em around a bit till I found the design I liked
Step Three: Pin those babies in place!

Step Four: Sew in place. I like to use a contrasting thread color sometimes. Today, I chose to use ORANGE for this apron. Also, don't get hung up on whether you stitches go perfectly along the edge...I started to panic because I couldn't get it perfect, but then I realized it looks better a little edgy.

And then you are done! What do you think?
I really like this new apron style with the ties which wrap around the front! I won't lie...I kinda love this one.

But guess what??? That's's going on a road trip to hopefully bring a smile. Bye! Bye!

Moral of Today's Stories? Don't let a train wreck project ruin your day! Remix your creativity!


  1. Hey! Too cute!
    I have some of this fabric in my stash. I wanted to use it for a blanket for my little boy's bed, and here is something I would not have thought to do with the scraps.
    Great idea! Thanks!
    (Sewing and Growing)

  2. Thanks so much!
    I couldn't let the PJ's project defeat me! I love this fabric and just had to see a new life for it.

    P.S. I'm sewing and growing too!

  3. Well Thanks Heath! I love it! I have to buy more of the brown and white polka fabric so I can make it again!

  4. i LOVE this one too!! very simple and clean cut.....very waitressy! love how you repurposed the "messed up" fabric!