Sunday, October 24, 2010

Teagan's Crayon Party

I received this email from my cuz, Jason, a few days ago.
I just couldn't resist to post the story because I get soooo many laughs out of it (aside from some "pearls of parenting wisdom").

I certainly hope he doesn't mind.
If you remember a few posts back I featured the crayon roll with green ties.

Here's the story to Teagan opening his SURPRISE......

So mom delivered your awesome package for teagan last night.  I snapped a few pics with my phone
He loved it.  but in a moment of parenting brilliance I gave it to him right before bedtime.  So after he played a few mins I told him it was time to go to be he went into his melancholy pouting routine which escalated into a display of facedown - the world is a horrible place – pouting (quite funny actually).  It’s usually easily avoidable with a quick distraction or better planning.  However he totally loves it and was so amazed by the crayon pockets he didn’t notice the ark till becki pointed it out which is when he then jumped to his feet pointing and began jabbering about the animals and the ark.  He’s becoming quite an artist (which I’m sure all parents say) at his easel.  He’ll color away for an hour easily, which is a long, long, long time for him to be doing anything. 

Thanks so much cousin!  When are you going to open an etsy store?

jason wightman

MANY Crayons

No Bedtime


The Ark!


Love you Cuz! So happy Teagan loves his surprise!!!
Can't wait to see his masterpieces!


  1. LOL! That's my boy. Keep up the good work and open an etsy store while your at it.

  2. You're too funny Cuz!!! I just love this story of Teagan soooo, soooo much!