Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mailbox Excitement!

Tim and I just got home from Washington DC.

We saw family and friends, enjoyed AMAZING food, and indulged in all the sites the city had to offer. Had a GREAT time!

When I got home a package had a arrived from Texas.

Aunt Drinda sent me a MINI QUILTS book!!! 
I've blogged about Aunt Drin entire life I've watched her talent. She is probably the most influential person in my life who has planted the sewing seed in me.

If you look close behind the cute book, you will notice a quilt. She made this quilt for Tim and I as a wedding present. The stitching is like the ocean because she knows we LOVE the coast and surfing. The pattern has flamingos...long story but a family joke. This quilt from Aunt Drin is BY FAR our favorite and each evening you'll find one of us snuggied down in it on the couch!

This is a picture of my mom and her sisters (left to right: mom, Aunt Drin, Aunt Trish).

These three women are creative, inspiring, fun loving, and gorgeous sparkles in my life!!!

Aunt Drin, I'll make you proud with this book...though I'm a little intimidated! I'll have to start small but I'll blog as I go to keep you posted!!


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