Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Introducing........Zsa Zsa

Introducing Zsa Zsa

This year's birthday surprise was soooo exciting!!! Tim coordinated with both sides of the family and they got me this AMAZING sewing machine!

I decided Zsa Zsa should be her name because, to me, she's so fancy. I had no idea what a new machine would be like, but the feel of it is so different. I will never need a new machine and have plenty of room to grow into Zsa Zsa. She is teaching me new things like embroidery stitches, makes "fix" knots (no more manual knots), threads my needle and everything. 

I'm having a blast getting to know Zsa Zsa

She's helped me move through projects pretty fast

Welcome Home Zsa Zsa!!!


  1. SISTER I LOVE your Zsa Zsa!! I love that you've named it too! It's fun to learn new things on it isn't it? I have sooooo many feet attachments that I've yet to even learn to use!

  2. Looks like a great machine. Just did a little reading on it. Seems like it might be similar to my old machine, newer model. Congrats!