Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Central Park Snuggle

We are on a roll here at the Reiner Casa!
Remember this fat quarter bundle???
Seriously, this makes the whole project sooo easy!

I knew the measurements of each fat quarter were 18"x22". To be the most efficient and least wasteful I used an 8"x8" omnigrid to cut my squares.

A little Iron. A little Grid. Ba-da-boom! Ba-da-bing! 
I layered 4-5 quarters so that when I cut out the square I received a bunch of squares complete! 
Please forgive the HORRID pics...cell phone camera! I promise to start using my real camera!!!
Anyway, here are all the squares cut out! I cut two of each pattern. The ironing and cutting took me about 30-40 minutes...not long at all. 
I laid out my oilcloth fabric that I use as a a dining room table protector. Then I laid each fabric pattern squares out and assembled until I achieved the look I was going for.
Once I decided the layout I numbered my columns again.

Hopefully I picked out the right fabric and layout for his Central Park lovely's new home. 

fingers crossed

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