Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Favorite Season!

I love fall. I think it is because all of my favorite colors are those of fall. I love the anticipation of Pumkin Spice Lattes, knee high boots and sweaters!

I love finding inspiration in the blog world. This summer I discovered Pinterest. Finally a way to "pin up" my favorite links on inspiration boards which display the images of what I'm inpsired by. AAHHHHH!

See what I mean??? Doesn't this wreath inspire you this season???
DECOR CHICK posted this beautiful yarn wreath tutorial HERE.
Thankfully, Pinterest to the rescue to PIN this image to one of my boards so I could quickly link back to it. I knew this fall I was going to take a shot at my own fall wreath with hers as my inspiration!

I picked up all my supplies from Joann's. I wasn't sure what embellishments I would need or use so I picked a bunch of options. Oh yes....I HAVE RETURNS.
I marked my sections with a sharpee just as she said and this worked really well. I didn't literally measure but just eyeballed the spacing.

Again following her instruction, I used my hot glue gun as I wrapped to keep the yarn in place. She said this took her 2-3 hours and I was SURE it would go faster than that...NOPE...3 hours!

I wrapped the wreath form last night and tonight I embellished it. I didn't use the bouquet of dried flowers because I thought it would be too much.
I LOVED the idea of using feathers since those are so in. Albeit, I haven't taken to the style of putting them in my hair...I totally love the look of them!

I really like how it turned out! A little different than hers, but I like how my own spin on her AMAZING wreath turned out.

I will have to hang in on our front door. It's dark out now. I'll have to do that tomorrow and see how it looks...CAN'T WAIT!
Who would have ever thought I'd be soooo into crafts and house projects?!?!?
I just love being inspired and challenging myself to make things myself.


ya, ya, ya....I KNOW...FLORIDA...we still have a while for summer to cool off, but hey...IMAGINATION! Pumpkin Spice Lattes are out so I think that counts! lol


  1. so i made one of those right after thanksgiving in anticipation of christmas and absolutely LOVE the way it turned out!! mine is a subtle lime green with white! i acutally found my wreath at the samaritan center for 50 cents or $1!! i think it can be used year round! LOVE LOVE your colors! that pinterest is quite addictive huh?!!

  2. Saw your "after" dining room on love it! Can you tell me where you found those six graphic prints on the wall in the "before" picture? Love 'em!