Monday, August 29, 2011

Tweet!! Tweet!!!

Remember the fabric above from THIS POST HERE !?!? 

I snagged up this FAB--UUU--LOUS tool from Joann's a'la 50% coupon! Holla!
Ok, mine is 9.5" X 9.5" square and not 5 but couldn't find the right Omnigrip cutting tool. 
I ironed all my fabric and then folded it up so that when I laid my Omnigrip on the yard of fabric I could cut FOUR squares with one rotary cut....WHA!! WHA!!  I love that rotary cutter!
I cut a total of 8 squares per fabric pattern yard.
I then took all my squares and laid them out in the pattern I liked. SPECIAL NOTE: The birdie fabric is all turned one direction. The Damask is even turned the same direction.  Remember my GENIUS AUNT DRINDA WHO IS THE QUILTING FASHIONISTA??? 
Well, she said to turn the tweets in various directions. My first thought was, "This goes against my perfect order sensibilities.....", BUT I know she knows what she is talking about.

I moved the tweets and damask all different directions AND TOTALLY LOVE IT!!! Way better! Really creates interest. NOTE TO SELF: Listen to Aunt Drin!

To remember each row I stacked them by column. There are 5 columns and then each layer across 1-5 is my row. Keeps my easily distracted mind in order! LOL
I sewed each row and then labeled each row with a small piece of paper and straight pin. 
Then I sew row one to row two; row three to row four; row five to row six, etc. 

I then had four blocks of two rows each. I then sewed block one to block two AND YOU GET THE POINT. This made putting the quilt together easier until I had ONE full quilt top!
Here's Tweet (at least the top half of her!) all stitched together!
Now what do I do?!?!? I'll be going to my Joann's quilting class this coming Thursday to figure it out! Can't wait!!!
oh happy day!


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