Monday, September 6, 2010

New Digs for the Ironing Board

I recently scoped out a few books for inspiration and guidance. 
One book I stumbled upon is called, "One-Yard Wonders". I fell in love and brought it home.

Yesterday morning I was turning the pages and found a tutorial for recovering an ironing board. If you know Tim, you know how much he sincerely loves to iron. So much so his dress shirts do not go to the dry cleaners because he is not a fan of starch and likes his creases better. I think he's cute with his ironing!

Anyway, here's where Tim's magical ironing happens:

As you can's pretty vanilla and kinda stained. When he saw the tutorial in the book, he put in his request. Surprisingly easy, quick, and lots of fun.
Cute little cord locks!
Voila! New digs for the ironing board!!! Tim just came in from yard work and said he loves his new covering! So no need to go buy a cover, find a scrap piece of fabric, some cording, cord locks and make your own!

Truth be told...I didn't have cording, cord locks or enough fabric and nor was what I have "manly" I had to make a quick trip to Joann's. TIP: don't buy a package of cording, buy it by the yard...saves a few $$$. 


  1. TOTALLY copying you and getting new "digs" for my board too! LOVE the fabric! LOVE how your sewing just taking off to new levels!

  2. Looks like a fun book. Nice ironing board cover! :D