Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Intimidation by Fabric and Thread

As I am sure you noticed, there's been a theme in the projects I've been doing.
I had a clear plan of what to start next.
I had a birthday a week ago and a dear friend got me this super cute book! While flipping excitedly through all the pages to see what projects I could get my hands on, I was asked to stop. We landed on pages with instructions for these insanely cute capri PJ's. 

Which was then followed with, "Fler, this is what I want you to make me!" 
I couldn't say no. Nothing brings me more joy than seeing happiness on someone else's face. off to Joann's I went to get everything I would need. 

I bet McCalls hasn't changed their drawings on the front of their patterns in decades.

The pattern called for grosgrain ribbon....G-wha??? WELL, that is the kind of ribbon that's ribbed. The same lady cut my fabric choices and kindly reminded me of classes offered which just so happened to also be on PJ making. Did I look that bad??? Probably so...I did ask a ton of questions. 

SOOOO...I won't lie, I am pretty nervous about this project and have put it off until this evening.

What if they don't fit?
What if I can't figure out the instructions?
What if they look like a disaster so much so that she doesn't want to wear them and they become the perfect dusting cloth?
What if I fail?
What needle do I use with flannel???

I guess we'll see. I really hope they turn out cute or at least remotely cute. 

The journey begins....


  1. so so so proud of you for attempting this....i'm not even there yet! do you have to use a different needle with flannel...are you talking about a needle with the sewing machine? i use the same needle for all my fabrics. excited to see how these turn out!

  2. Well...I bought two more yards of fabric today since I made two left legs....UGH. I am not ready to start on these again yet. Plus I have to wash/dry to pre-shrink the fabric. So far...not a good start with clothing.

    I didn't have to use a different needle after I consulted one of the books I'm learning with. But man, hard to do. I feel like I need a little more practice...aside from the fact that McCall's patterns seem to assume you know how to sew in the first place...LOL...they are hard to understand.'s a little discouraging.