Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bum Covers

Baby's bums are cute, but what about those diapers?

Well, I've been following a blog (Dana Made It...note link on side of blog) and reading a few books. I want to keep learning new things with new projects for a beginner. Not sure if you noticed, but between aprons, I've been picking something new. 

This afternoon, while Sunday football devoured Tim, Shirley and I spent some time together. 

Diaper we come! No....we're not preggo, but have family and friends who have little bubs who might like a chic bum cover!

For the tutorial and pattern..go to made 

Find some may not even need a 1/2 yard.
How cute is this mod jungle pattern???

You'll need some bias tape if you chose a little snazzy look (make sure to get the double fold...oops, I had to make an extra trip)

You'll need elastic

Remember: Follow her instructions, but here's how mine looked as I went through her tutorial.

Um, yea, bias...super fun to use and surprisingly easy! I won't lie...I was intimidated!

Both legs done and just need some elastic to squeeze those cute little legs! The pins are to mark the opening (you'll know what I mean when you follow Dana's tutorial).

Ta-da!!! All done! So fun! Now, your baby's bum will be soooo on trend and chic!

 Now...will it actually fit???? YIKES!


  1. well i wish i had a little babe who still needed their diaper covered! this is SOOOO cute and i'm gonna give it a shot! where did you get that waayyy cute fabric?

  2. Thanks Love!!!

    I got the fabric at Joann's. They make a girly version too!

  3. we are getting a joanns this fall and i couldn't be more excited because other than hobby lobby (which is decent) and this old fabric store called hancocks here my fabric choices are limited! hey here is another website to peruse: they have a blog too with very doable it!