Friday, September 10, 2010

Leave Your Mark

I've been having a blast falling in love with sewing! If you read my earlier posts you know I tried working without a pattern. Doing so meant I had to make a pattern on my fabric so I knew where to cut.

Shopping time! 

I went to Joann's because I knew I needed a marker, pencil, chalk or SOMETHING! Chalk...yes, I learned chalk (washes out nicely). Marker? Really? What was I thinking???

Anyway, I found this totally FAB chalk pencil-ish contraption and it came with all sorts of colors of chalk. Proudly I took it to the register. $12...well that is not bad at all. 

the lady at the register, who'd clearly been sewing for years, told me of a really CHEAP trick!

Have you often fought with that last itsy bit of soap bar??? You try to wet it and smash onto the new bar hoping it will stick and it just breaks! Then you fight with smaller pieces, and, well, at this point it just lays on bottom of shower till it dissolves.

Well NO MORE...use it to Leave Your Mark!!!

and the best part....soap washes out!!!! 

So next time you're at the end of your soap rope.....



  1. Not bad, but then you end up with soap on your hands. It also doesn't have the sharper point that the pencil has. I have the pencil. I like it. It washes out. It also will work on whites and light colors that would be hard to do with the soap.

  2. For sure. I like the pencil's been super easy to use and I love all the colors of chalk it comes with. But if in a pinch soap will be good to have on hand.

  3. Oh! Now I see what it is :) I had looked at your drop box first and couldn't tell what that white thing I get it :) Nice tip! Although, that pencil thingy looks pretty slick.