Sunday, April 10, 2011

Hoot! Hoot!

A couple weeks ago I received my NEW SILHOUETTE SD!!!

Ok, I have been too afraid to try it. I have seen all these super cool projects where they used a Silhouette. 
We have some preggo's in our family so I thought I would begin making some gifts. 

After deciding on starting with "The Fabric Owl Tutorial", I started searching my fabric and button stashs for options.

After playing around with my new Silhouette, meet Mr. Hoot!!! He still needs his stuffing. He's feeling a  little flat here.

(p.s. DO NOT forget to take the interfacing paper lining OFF before passing your cutting mat through!!! Amateur Mistake)


He has a few imperfections, but I think I like him that way. I am in love with my new toy! 

Stay tuned for more projects!


  1. ERIKA FREELAND {can i still call you that?!}!!! what is this machine?! i need you to give me the low down on it?!! i didn't even know you where getting/had this!! how FUN! i LOVE LOVE LOVE's SOOOOO CUTE HON!!! there is not a one imperfection sister....he's perfect!!!

  2. Hon you know I'm obsessed w/owls right??!! Gonna need one of those please & thank you! :)

  3. I will ALWAYS be a Freeland!!! :)

    My Silhouette is still intimidating me. The owl was my first project with it and after a few rookie mistakes....I think this will begin a good relationship!!!! just never know what might come in the mail.........