Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fancy Shoes and Pretty Jewels!!!

I got this book a LOOONG time ago when I first saw this AMAZING post at

When I saw her post I immediately thought of some little bubs in Chattanooga!
I IMMEDIATELY ordered the book (one for each house AND myself...hehe).

I used her tutorial, fabric interfacing and my Silhouette to create some fun somethings for my bubs!
Ok...why is this picture side ways???? Hmmm...
Ohhh...pretty heels and jewels!!! FUN!
Again....rotated...geeesh!!! Still....LOVE these different styles!
Bling...an essential part of fancy shoes!
You can't really tell, but this is a purple and grey striped shirt for leggings.
Love me some orange next to purple!
I hope my bub agrees!

Is she cute or what with her ADORABLE pup!?!?

Finally!!! All three complete and ready to make some fun surprises via snail mail!!!

I am sending a slight different surprise for my 4th bub since she's older. 

So it took me about um....4-5 months to get this project complete, BUT excited about the final result.
Can't wait to hear what they think!



  1. EEEEAAKKKKK!!! I'm not reading this blog post and you must know 4 other special bubs in Chattanooga who are gonna be squealing with excitement and whose moms are squealing for their girls to be wearing these shirts!! FLER!!!! These are sooooo cute!!!! Lucky girls who have an Auntie Fler!! You are loved.

  2. I couldn't wait to post...been wanting to post about this for MONTHS!!! Just been busy with "some stuff". I didn't think Tay would have any interest in a shirt with a shoe...haha! So I have something else in store just in case. If she ends up wanting one too...I'M ON IT!!! haha!

    I'm am so excited you like them!!! I had a blast last night making them. I have already looked at them again today and just love them. The book is TO DIE FOR!!! Honestly, Steph needs one too. Albeit, I don't think Tres would dig a shirt with a heel on it!!! LOL