Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Fler is back!!!

We've been doing a bit of spring cleaning around the house. I follow some fantastic blogs. One of these blogs is Vintage Revivals.

Today my sister-in-law, Becca, invited me over to create pillow covers to give our houses a new spring revival. 

We followed the tutorial posted for an EASY PILLOW over at Vintage Revivals.

We loved the result!

You can't really tell but the left pillow has the fold. My mother-in-law gave us an additional tip we'll use for our next set of pillow covers; make your measurements slightly (1-2 inches smaller) than your actual pillow measurements. This gives a more full/fluffy pillow look.

With this tutorial...who wants to spend $25 on a new pillow when for less than $10 for two pillows create a NEW FRESH LOOK?!?!?!


Stay tuned...because I will be embellishing these shortly once a little surprise arrives in the mail. 

Now, I hope the hubs likes these! 



  1. i've got this deer material that i snagged up thrifting one day and thought it would make PERFECT pillows!! thanks for the help in searching out a good tutorial to make an easy pillow!! yours turned out sooooo cute!!

  2. Oh man...this tutorial makes it soooo easy!!! I would use Tim's mom's advice. The measurement of fabric should be one inch smaller than your pillow measurements. I have a little too much extra space and a little less fabric would have made a nicer fit.

    I have Silhouette plans for these, but I'm still not sure I want to keep this pattern in our family room. They looked way cooler at Michael and Becca's house. haha!