Friday, May 6, 2011

Sailors and Diamonds! beads! LOL
What could this be? Somewhat nautical. Somewhat sparkly. 

So if you guessed a necklace, WELL, you ARE CORRECT!!!

Well, Tatertots and Jello is QUICKLY becoming a FAVORITE blog of mine!!!

I whipped this little guy up last night as a cute addition for my outfit today at work. Total cost?
 UNDER $10!!!

Total Time?
20 minutes-ish
I really need to stop with the cell phone photos...BUT, they make it soooo easy with uploading to Picasa vs a regular camera. Anyway, pardon the quality.

How did I make this gem???

Swing over to TT&J for the tutorial!!!

TIP: One thing I did add that the tutorial didn't suggest was some Fray Check glue to the unfinished fabric edges. It keeps the rustic feel without the actual fraying of fabric onto your clothes.

Happy Sailing this weekend!!!



  1. LOVE THAT! I'm gonna need one!! :-))

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I think this calls for an Fler's Etsy Store!

  3. Loving the necklace. So cute. I can see changing the fabrics would change the look. Cute projects.

  4. Um... OMG this is SO cute! I am going to have to make me one!