Thursday, May 5, 2011

RV Couture and My Mom's Turtle House!

And, YES, there is such a thing!

My Parents LOVE to hop in their RV and head for the beach on a moment's notice.

After thinking and brainstorming for creative ideas for M-O-M day...Here's what I did....

Remember the Dishtowel Post I just did HERE?

You may also remember I said I had a surprise addition, but was waiting on the materials to arrive in the mail???
Well guess what??? 

I used my NEW FAV TOY..."Sally" the Silhouette.
I opened the "Caravan Camper" image and designed it as I wanted to match my dishtowel.
I printed the image out on my "Printable Heat Transfer Material" for light colored fabrics.
I messed up a few times figuring this out. I tested on plain paper before trying on my fancy material. Evenso, I had one heat transfer casualty....SIGH.
I then printed and sent the image back through the Sally to cut and then ironed it onto the towel.
I let the image COMPLETELY cool before removing the backing. I have to admit...I am a little disappointed with the peeling quality of this transfer paper. I expected something a little more smooth. For the price, it really should work better.

 Perhaps I should send Silhouette feedback??? I think I will.
You can see some areas where the paper didn't want to peel away from the green very well.
All peeled!!! I'm squeeling inside because this is tooooooo cute!!!

 She now has a fun new dishtowel for her "TURTLE HOUSE" as she calls their RV!!!

happy trails!

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  1. Ok, I am looking at this post again and I'M GIGGLING!!! She is gonna LOVE IT!!!