Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boy-Ville...Super Heroes to Save the Day!!!

What's that???
I follow this blog called Lil Blue Boo (click on this link to get to the tutorial and free printable) .
A while back she posted a tutorial on Boy-Ville. Loved this idea!!!!

My bestie has a son who is just over 2 and HILARIOUS! I called the other day and he sand me Jingle Bells followed by saying, "Boo-Yah"! So funny! His mom is beyond funny and super creative so I am really not surprised by how much personality he has. Love watching him grow up and see that personality come through.

Anyway, I knew this was just the perfect Christmas gift for him.

I went to Michael's to get these blank wooden figurines. I used a pencil to draw up each hero. I haven't really drawn for a long time so this was a stretch.

I painted section by section, letting each section dry before going on to the next. You might have to do a couple coats and touch-ups. I thought I could do them perfectly first time around...don't stress yourself. Believe me...You'll NEED to do touch-ups!
Even with touch-ups there were imperfections. The acrylic paint dried really flat so I remembered I had some clear gloss enamel spray paint. The gloss also helped hide some of the mistakes I made...BONUS!!!
The super heroes took a break for some Florida sunbathing! Ha! Even Super Heroes like a little poolside.
I placed the printable onto thick cardboard paper with spray adhesive.
I bought a Christmas tin at Joann's when they had their big sale and used it to hold all the Boy-Ville parts. I used some blue construction paper and spray adhesive to cover the red snowflake.
To get the phone booth and treasure chest to stand I made little triangles and photo mounting tape on the backs.
I love the pirate the best though they are all cute, just love him!
These Super Heroes are fast on their way to Rockford, IL to surprise a RIOT of a kid.
I hope he loves his new friends to play with!



  1. Seriously the CUTEST!!!!! You are SO creative and this is just beyond ADORABLE!!!! I know that Tre will spend many days with these little guys on adventures!

  2. This is SO CUTE!! You are too much! How amazing that you created the people as well. I love it.