Monday, January 23, 2012

B is for B-O-Y

....Snakes and Snails
Puppy Dog Tails
That's What Boys are Made Of

My dear friend asked me if I'd stitch up a few somethings for her bestie's soon-to-arrive little. Let me think for a second..........WELL OF COURSE!!! I would love to!

I know her bestie and she is really one of the most hilarious people I know. If you know E, then you completely know what I am talking about and there might be a hot pink feather boa involved! HA!

What to make? What to make?

I was taking a break from house cleaning one day and surfin the web. I came across the word "SWAG". It hit me!
I hopped over to my Silhoutte Studio and found an image and added some wording {far right onesie}.

For the caboose of this wagon, I couldn't resist...
Oh my goodnes!!! HILARIOUS!!! {not "Hello" in Spanish, but slang for "Holler"...I had to clarify for my mom...LOL}
Now, some of you might think, "Yea, is that funny?!?!"
Do you remember the Toyota Mini-Van commercial? No?
Well let me refresh your memory:
Hilarious right?!?! If not, then something might be horribly wrong OR I am just a big dork which is highly likely.
For E's second onesie gift I again used my Silhoutte and cut out a B for BOY {and her son's name} and a mustache because that was part of the pics my dear friend pinned as inspiration for her shower decorating. LOVE IT! Can't wait to see pics of her shower.

The final onesie, which I LOVE is the bowtie for the Little Man.
I modified a tutorial I found HERE to make Little Man B's very manly onesie. It's a real bowtie that is all sewn and I just tacked it to the onesie. When Little Man gets older the bowtie can be removed, add a clip to the back, and he can wear it to church or to his presidential debate. He just might be the next president!
I finished little man's gift with a burp cloth. This time I placed cloth diaper material between super cute stripped cotton {nursery colors} and soft flannel. I'm waiting for a full report back from E on this modification. Of course, we need little man here to test that one out!
Sometimes I use matchy matchy thread but usually I go with a contrasting thread...this time I used orange thread.
Oh, I seriously loved making Little Man's gift!!! Each time I put a little gift set together I can see the person's personality in them. Furthermore, they are all one-of-a-kind which I LOVE!

My dear friend also asked me a while back if I'd stitch her up a camera strap cover. Her hubs wasn't too keen but finally agreed.
I had made one for myself back in September 2011, but the tutorial I used didn't work out well for the lens pocket. The pocket ended up being too small so it's basically useless, but I did like the overall design. I just needed to make some adjustments to the measurements.
"A" had picked out the fabrics she wanted from the fabrics I already have. I kind of have an addiction to collecting cute fabrics. I really need to just sew from what I already have and QUIT BUYING MORE! lol
This is a really old picture of my fabric cabinet. It barely closes these days. Fabrics are stuffed to the top, and then some, on each shelf! I've had to start another cabinet for fabrics. OYE VEY!

Drum roll pleeeease.....

I hope her hubs doesn't mind but I used a really soft flannel material for the underside of the camera strap. Between the fusible fleece lining inside and the soft flannel, this should make a comfy camera strap. I will let you know what they think about the strap and my modifications.

I can't wait to hear how this weekend went with E's manly mustache baby shower!


Pinterest really is an amazing thing. You can find anything on there: inspiration, tutorials, recipes, etc. I found THIS tutorial and added some width to the measurements noted.
My biggest worry was getting the lens pocket right this time.

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