Monday, August 23, 2010

What I learned this time....

Hello again my dear friend.
I have just finished my second project and this apron taught me some good lessons.

First, test your bobbin and top stitch tension on a piece of scrap fabric before you begin your project. I guess a pro would not do this each time, but for the novice (that would be me) just might save you some seam ripping time. Note to self, lol. Make sure the top and bottom of your test scrap have the nice stitching your fancy store bought clothes have. 

Second, don't fight Shirley. Lets face it, she's lived longer than I. Trust she knows what she is doing. I learned that I need to feel & guide the fabric move through instead of fighting the direction. Pockets and I have not quite built that loving relationship yet, but we ARE going to get seam rip at a time.

Third, when making ties, before you turn them right-side-out, slightly trim the fabric on your corners. This allows your ends a better chance of looking square and clean when you turn them right-side-out and iron. 

Happy threading!

the fler 
(pronounced flair...wink!)

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  1. your blog is totally making me think of that movie julie and julia! i have a friend who bought this HUGE martha stewart book and has hundreds and hundreds of sewing patterns. she wants to blog her way through the book! you may need to snag that idea right up girl! it would be soooo much fun! loving the aprons! next on sewing to do list!