Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Meet Shirley and Her Friends

Meet Shirley.
Shirley is my new friend loaned to me from mom Reiner. Shirley is teaching me how to sew. 

I have learned a few close "friends" of Shirley are a MUST. The iron will keep your patterns and material flat. I also feel like ironing each hem, fold or anything which might help stitching is key. Takes a  little extra time but it's worth it!  A seam ripper is my best friend since I'm a complete novice. Helps remove those mistaken stitches. Pins and pin cushion....ahhh...well, the pins keep the ironed areas in place and helps keep fabrics together. Pins and a good pair of scissors are essential when cutting out your fabric from the pattern.

Last thought....KNOTS KNOTS KNOTS! Finish all your work so it does not unravel. You can use a straight pin to hide your knot in the seam so no one can see it. 

Above is a preview of my next project. I've only done one apron, but I feel the need to make the pattern even more my own. I can't give too much'll just have to tune in to see what happens.

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  1. Don't you just love hand-me-downs?!! Looks like you're off to a GREAT start! And girl the seam ripper is my sewing BFF!! I won't devulge how often I've had to use it!