Sunday, August 22, 2010

...and has the button to match

Over the years, I've saved all the spare buttons which came with my clothes. You know...just in case. Rarely, has "just in case" been needed, but I still held on to the buttons. I have always thought, "Well just in case I need a match on something else." A girl can never REALLY know right?

"Just in Case" has arrived..........

I now have a purpose for these little treasures! I hope to find each a home on an apron one of these days. And now, if I have a clothing item which needs to be laid to rest, I will make sure I hang on to those cute little guys.

 Just in case.


  1. ella collects buttons and pretends they are cookies for her dolls :)

  2. #1 i love that ella collects buttons and pretends that they are cookies! so cute! #2 i now find myself cutting off anything from anything that i could possibly use down the road for sewing...example: had to throw away an outfit that both kayd and ems wore and was too stained to spare. it had this cute embroidered flower embelishment on it and so i cut that thing right off before the rest hit the trash! to be used at a later time!