Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lil' Miss Madeleine

Good Morning out there!
My name is Miss Madeleine. This is my story.
One day Fler was asked to make something vvvery special for one of her best friend's preggo lil sis. Fler put on her thinking cap. She thought. Thought. Thought.
Voila! She had a very special idea.

Over at Etsy.com Fler remembered "The Greta Doll"
My new mama has beautiful and long curly red hair. I wonder what baby MacKenzie's hair will be like. I have fuschia pink hair! My hair stylist works WONDERS with color.

Fler is an ER nurse. Thank goodness because I had a lot of stitching to be done (kinda like those suture things in the ER when people cut themselves). As you can see, I was in trouble because my arms and legs weren't attached to me yet. Talk about DIFFICULT when trying to put my pretty gold and brown bow in!!!

Ahhh...my arms and legs are attached to me! Phew. Miss Fler was surprised at how big I was getting so she measured me. Wow, I'm a big girl, but I was feeling a little "flat".
Fler knew just what to do to get me all perked up!
Oh I feel so much better. Fler says she feels flat in the morning until she has her cup of warm. What's cup of warm??? Oh, that's coffee.
Fler says first thing every morning it's important to spend time with Jesus. I think that is a good lesson especially since it's the Christmas season when the whole world celebrates Jesus being born.
For nap time Fler read me a story about Olivia. Fler says Olivia is their favorite character in the house. She says they collect all the stories about lil' Olivia. I was really tired. It was such a long day. I mean, I didn't have arms or legs attached!!! Imagine a day like that! Fler made me a special blanket to sleep with, but she calls it something else??? Hmmm....oh my, what does she call my blanket again?
Oh yea, a burp cloth! That doesn't sound too pretty. You know, pretty like my tights.

After my nap I went on a plane ride to Chattanooga, TN. I met my new aunties and mama. My auntie says my new mama looked at me and started tearing up.

I love my new home. I can't wait to meet lil MacKenzie!!! I hope she loves me and cuddles me. I wonder if she will read me books one day just like Fler?

Well, it is time for my nap so I have to go. Thanks for stopping by to meet me.

Merry Christmas everyone!
Lil' Miss Madeleine

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